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  • The Wedding Ring

Why do many of us wear a wedding ring on the left hand

The wedding ring has been worn on the left hand of individuals for hundreds of years, and more importantly, on the third finger from the thumb.  The reason for positioning the ring on this finger comes from Roman times, were there was a strong belief that a vein from this finger runs straight to the heart and moves at once with your heart. 'Vena Amoris' or the 'Vein of Love' said to be directly connected to the heart. While scientists have proved this not to be the case, the story still remains to this day as one of the main reasons for many choosing to wear their wedding ring on their left hand.

The meaning of a wedding ring

For many couples, the wedding ring is a symbol and a public professing that they are married. It is a sign of a commitment for one another and represents the love, honour and faithfulness that you have for your spouse. It is a sign of love and fidelity of your partner to you


  • Rose symbolism

Your gift to each other for your wedding today, has been your wedding rings.

Which shall always be an outward demonstration of your vows of love and respect,

And a public showing of your commitment to each other.

You now have what remains the most honourable title,

Which may exist between an man and a woman.

The title of -husband of wife.

Therefore, your first gift to each other shall be a single rose.

In the past, the rose was considered a symbol of love.

And a single rose meant only one thing- it meant the words “I love you”.

So it is appropriate, that for your first gift , as husband and wife, that gift would be a single rose.

Please exchange your first gift as husband and wife.

In some ways, it seems like you have done nothing at all.

Just a moment ago,

You were holding a small rose , and now you are holding one small rose once again.

In some ways, a marriage ceremony is like this.

In some ways, tomorrow is going to seem no different than yesterday.

But in fact today, just now… you both have given and received one of the most valuable and precious gifts of life…

One I hope you always remember-  the gift of true and abiding love. 

This love gets special significance in the devotion of marriage.

________ & __________, wherever you make your home in the future,

Pick one very special location for this rose,

Such as the dining room table, or the bedroom;

So that on each anniversary of this truly wonderful occasion, 

You both may take a rose to that spot,

Both as a recommitment to your marriage- 

And a recommitment to the love you share.

In every marriage,  there are times where it is difficult to find the right words.

It is easiest to hurt who we most love. It is easiest to be hurt by who we most love. 

It might be difficult sometimes, to say the words, “I am sorry” or “I forgive you”.

“I need you” or “I am hurting”.

If this should happen, if you simply cannot find the words,

Leave a rose at that spot which both of you have selected

For that rose says what matters most of all

And should overpower all other things and all other words.

That rose says the words: “I still love you”.

The other should accept this rose,

For the words which cannot be found,

And remember the love and hope that you both share today.

_________ & _____________, if there is anything you remember of this marriage ceremony,

It is that it was love that brought you here today,

It is only love which can make it a glorious union,

And it is by love which your marriage shall endure”.


  • Tree planting symbolism

This all-natural wedding unity idea is a memento that you can take home from your wedding. Planting a sapling tree is perfect for the eco-friendly couple, and it's something that can grow along with your marriage. Take the sentiment to the next level by mixing soil from two different places that are meaningful to you. Display the plant in your new home and watch it flourish like your relationship. 


  • God's Knot Unity Ceremony

This couple chose to honor their Christianity by having a God's Knot tying ceremony. The Bible verse at the top read: "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12." The white cord represented the bride, gold the groom, and purple God. A special wedding unity idea like this can be a staple in your home for years to come and even passed on to future generations. 

  • Time capsule

With this symbolism you can also invite all your guest to write marriage advice in the book prior to the start of the ceremony and include this in your time capsule.  With your first wedding anniversary you can open it and learn from their wisdom


Different Symbolisms